Step 1: Connect the parts as shown in the images

Step 2: Assemble the device

  • Connect the circuit as shown in the circuit diagram
  • There are three distinct parts to the circuit 1. Timer (TPL5110); 2: FSR 3: Voltage Divider
  • 1. Timer (TPL5110): Enables long battery life. The ESP8266 is powered through the TPL5110 Drive Pin. Once the ESP8266 is done it triggers the 'Done' Pin on the TPL5110 to shutdown
  • 2. FSR: The FSR sensor enables measuring the levels. It is connected to the circuit via a capacitor (0.47-100uf). It measures the time it takes the capacitance to fill up
  • 3. Voltage Divider: This allows measuring the battery levels.

Step 3: Download and Install Code

Download Code
Follow the readme file included with the software