Halloween Candy Man


Step 1: Connect the parts as shown in the images

Step 2: Assemble the device

  • View the video to see the moving parts and the cutouts for the pumpkin
  • Cut the opening to the pumpkin for access to the candys. Large enough for the hand to go in. Also make a opening on the back to put candies and to work inside the pumpkin. Keep the parts
  • 3d Print the case and the lid using candyman files
  • Install the Servo at a distance from the opening that will long enough for the flap
  • Connect the Flap to the servo
  • Tape a small aluminium foil on the pumpkin head with a long wire. Tape the wire inside the pumpkin
  • Connect the servo wires and the aluminium foil wire as shown in Step 1 to the microcontroller

Step 3: Download and Install Code

Download Code
Follow the readme file included with the software